Packraft Inventory Update

We have a limited amount of MRS packrafts in stock and ready to ship from California, while other packrafts are made-to-order.

Our current production lead time is 2-3 weeks for all made-to-order items. Please email for inquiries.

Adventure X2 Blue $899
Adventure X2 Red $899
Adventure X2 Yellow $899
Alligator 2S Pro $1199
Alligator 2S Red $999
Alligator 2S Red ISS $1099
Alligator 2S size XXL Green ISS $1199
Barracuda R2 Blue ISS $1299
Barracuda R2 Green $1199
Barracuda R2 Green ISS $1299
Barracuda R2 Pro $1799
Barracuda R2 Yellow $1199
Microraft Extra Long Blue $899
Microraft Extra Long Green $899
Microraft Extra Long Green ISS $999
Microraft Extra Long Yellow ISS $999
Microraft Size L Blue $799
Microraft Size L Blue ISS $899
Microraft Size L Green ISS $899
Microraft Size L Red $799
Microraft Size S Green $799
Microraft Size XS Yellow $799
Nomad S1 Green $1099
Nomad S1 Green ISS $1249
Nomad S1D Blue with Deck $1199
Nomad S1D Green ISS with Deck $1349
Ponto Green $699
Ponto Green ISS $799
Tulo Green $699
Viking Self Bailer Black/Yellow ISS $1099