Whitewater Packrafts

Large load capacity, plenty of space and solid water protection. These are all-arounders for a single paddler under any condition.

Classic Packraft


A packraft with a removable deck and streamlined design, suitable for any adventures.

See Microraft
Not Just Longer

Microraft XL

With greatly increased buoyancy and space, the Microraft XL is designed for taller paddlers or those who need larger space for storing more luggage.

See Microraft XL
Rule The Streams

Alligator 2S

A whitewater packraft equipped with a fully sealed spraydeck that withstands waves and splashes. 

See Alligator 2S
Strengthened for Whitewater

Alligator 2S PRO

Upgraded from Alligator 2S, the PRO version packraft features reinforced fabric and other important improvements.

See Alligator 2S PRO
Self Bailer Packraft


Viking self bailer packraft is based on the Alligator 2S Pro XXL. It is designed for big and technical whitewater use.

See Viking